The historic building is going to take place in the history of the world, including Bangladesh, 01 domed mosque, the mosque will be built dome in the world at more than  451 feet high dome and a minaret. Which is a world record for the Guinness World Record of writing, only the house of God, this historic building in the Muslim world, it would be useful to introduce a new and a lot of foreign tourists are expected to come Oli Aulia.
Rafiqul Islam Freedom Fighter Welfare Trust Gopalpur upazila of Tangail district udyage mosque being built in the village of South Pathalia.
201 domed mosque will look like inside?
Will be written on the walls of the mosque dome 01 bronze, 30 to be filled with the Holy Qur’ān, so enter the mosque not have to enter any of the Qur’an, sitting or standing on the wall of the mosque to read the Qur’an. The main door of the mosque will be made up of 50 bronze, will be written to the main gate of the 99 names of Allah.
Ajahn for the promotion of the most high tower will be built next to the mosque. As the height of the minaret is 451 feet, the equivalent of about 57 floors.
A separate building next to the mosque to be built. The building will be free for destitute women in hospitals, orphanages, old, distressed freedom fighters and their families will be built to rehabilitate byabasthamasajidera musullidera from far flung places to stay in bungalows, and free food distribution system! Mosque construction cost has been estimated at around 100 million.
For God’s sake, if anyone domed mosque construction in the historic part of the 01 have been able to become a part of history. The rods, cement, bricks, sand, stone, marble, brass, and other construction materials will be greatly appreciated.
The mosque is the house of God in his bedroom, it is important to look beautiful, 01-domed mosque under construction in the historic part of the building is part of the history of Stay
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