A mosque has been built in The South Pathalia village in Gopalpur Upazilla of Tangail which has domes more than any other mosque in the world. Heroic Freedom Fighter Mohammad Rafiqul Islam Welfare Trust has started the construction work of the Mosque from 13 January 2013. Till now the construction of a two storied building with 201 domes and 8 (Eight) Minaret has been completed.
Measurements are:
1 large dome which is 95 feet high from the ground and 65 feet hight from the roof and it’s circle dimension is 127 feet.
200 small domes which are 47 feet 7 inches high each from the ground and 17 feet 7 inches high from the roof and their circle dimensions are 20 feet each.
There are 4 minarets at four corner which are 113 feet high from the ground and 83 feet from the roof.
And the 4 minaret at the centre are 93 feet high from the ground and 63 feet high from the roof. Now the Mosque is being decorated by magnificent pieces or fine arts. This mosque has many unique characteristics such as it’s 451 feet minaret, which will be world’s highest minaret made of bricks (Please note that, the highest minaret made with brick is Kutub Minar, Delhi (73 meter or 240 feet) and the highest minaret of the world till now is situated in Hasan Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco (200 meter or 656 Feet) but it’s not made of brick.
Every dome will be decorated by the copper works in which the name of Almighty Allah will be engraved. The whole 30 Para Quran will be engraved in wall. The main door will be made with almost 440 Pound copper in which the 99 names of The Almighty Allah will be engraved.
Beside the Mihrab, there will be written the Kalima Tayeba “La Ilaha Illallahu Muhammadur Rasul-ullah (Pbuh) “ with 25 Kg gold.
The two storied mosque building is 148 feet in length and 148 feet in width, in which 15000 muslim can pray together at once. There will be a huge place for ablution just beside the mosque. Two helipads has been constructed in the mosque courtyard. A five storied building has been constructed for the guests from far away.